Magnus Veterinary Specific MRI

Introducing the Magnus, the Veterinary specific midfield MRI designed exclusively for animals. The system utilizes our novel magnet design providing superior field homogeneity, large 16" (40cm) field of view and excellent patient access. The system comes standard with 5 state of the art animal specific RF coils.

In addition to the U-shaped design of the MRI, the Magnus includes five coils. A small and medium size coil, a 4 Channel Large Coil and a 4 Channel Extra Large Coil (largest coil in the industry) and a U-shaped coil for scanning the spine. Our user-friendly Veterinary specific software includes optimized protocols for each anatomical site and allows maximum flexibility in customizing clinical protocols and post imaging processing.

The wide range 2D and 3D sequences and imaging techniques, including over-sampling, fast imaging, fat and water suppression, diffusion-weighted imaging and high-resolution imaging guarantee superior image quality.

cervical spine

lumbar spine

T2 spine

Designed Exclusively for Companion Animals

Affordable & Flexible Acquisition Options

Largest Veterinary Coil in the Industry

Environmentally Friendly

User Friendly - Animal Specific Software

Complete Access to Patient at All Times