Leading the Way in Feline Imaging

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The Animal Imaging Partners Feline MRI unit comes standard with everything necessary for your practice to perform MRI’s. The unit comes with four coils to fit any sized cat and concentrate on the desired anatomy.  Our special Veterinary specific software and custom patient bed are designed with your animal in mind. The feline MRI is a permanent MRI system, so no cryogens such as helium is required… ever!  Finally, no special shielding is required as the Feline MRI comes standard with a Radio Frequency (RF) enclosure, and it requires one of the smallest room footprints available in Veterinary MRI.  While full training for your staff is included, we understand the day-to-day challenges faced by your practice.  AIP also offers remote scanning on the Feline MRI.  No in-house technician needed, once the patient is positioned our expert technicians can perform the scan from start to finish. 

Animal Imaging Partners offers the Feline MRI either for purchase or on our affordable Fee Per Scan plan.

Animal Imaging Partners is proud to partner with Virtual Scan. Virtual Scan's superior technical capability, 24/7 availability, excellent communication, attention to detail, and reasonable pricing sets them apart as our recommendation for your practice's remote staffing needs.