about us

Animal Imaging Partners (AIP) was formed to meet the unique MRI Needs of the Veterinary community and quickly earned the trust of veterinary professionals as a leader in Veterinary specific MRI. AIP has since grown and evolved into a leader in veterinary diagnostic solutions. AIP offers customizable, turnkey, affordable solutions that include: Planning, Delivery, Installation, Service, Spare Parts, Training, Marketing and ongoing remote support. We can even offer affordable financing solutions to fit your budget.

What We Do

Advanced Veterinary Medicine-AIP has traveled worldwide in search of the most advanced Veterinary Specific diagnostic Equipment. We have forged relationships and collaborated with international engineers, software developers, and clinical professionals in order to best serve the needs of veterinary specialists and their patients.

Laser Guided Patient Positioning

U-Shaped Spine Coil
Patient Positioning Holders

Improve Patient Care

Every patient is unique and we have designed specific diagnostic technology and software geared to provide the specialist the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Provide Affordable Options

Not only is our technology time tested, our unique turn-key options provide veterinary professionals affordable ways to offer potentially life saving diagnostic services.